Ancient Blood - Book 1


    A small town doctor, named Victoria Taylor, is attacked by a vampire. She awakens to find herself torn from her human life, and trapped in the Dome, a dark world of violent and degenerate creatures and  succumbs to the erotic sexual desires that seduce her in the dark shadows of the vampire world.
    As she struggles to escape the dark underworld, she is forced into a fight for her life that reveals how powerful she has become. The Ancient Blood that now rules her body saves her from the deadly wolf hounds that chase her through the dark forest that leads back to Bridgeport, her home.
   Her efforts to retain some part of her humanity proves difficult, as ancient symbols begin to appear on her body connecting her to an age-old battle over the blood of humanity.
     While she tries to save her friends and her town from certain death, she is attacked by the vampire death squad and is forced to flee to New York City to hide out and search for the mysterious and powerful Sinjar who made her.  

WARNING!  This series of ebooks is for adults. It contains horrific violence with sordid sexual encounters.






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